How it works

Fulgor Coaching teaches and provides the background information to help you and your child or young adult understand the “why” and “how” of each executive function skill. We work with you to create a plan, practice behaviors, and progress monitor for growth and effectiveness with the flexibility to adjust as needed.

Victoria Salerno

How It Works

Grades 3-8

Prior to our initial meeting we will send you a short assessment to complete about your child and return to us.  This will give us a preliminary idea about your child’s needs so we can begin to draft a tentative coaching plan. At our initial meeting we will get to know you and your child, share the results of the assessment, and review and finalize the draft coaching plan together.

Our coaching plans are developed using the information you provide about your child and an evidence-based curriculum adapted for your child’s unique needs and individual entry points.

Grades 9-12

We are all about fostering self-advocacy, self-determination, and independence in our young adults. We encourage young adults to complete their own survey. We conduct our initial meeting with both the parent and the student, create the plan together with the student, commence one-to-one coaching sessions, and set-up check-in sessions with both the parent and the student as frequently or infrequently as requested by both the student and the parent.

Pricing and Session Types

We offer two types of coaching packages: Pay-Per-Session or Six-For-Five. Coaching is conducted virtually. You know your child best and how much information your child can process before their focus begins to wander, that is why we offer 1 hour, 45-minute, or 30-minute sessions for you to choose from.

  • Pay Per Session: Exactly as it sounds, you pay at the end of each session
    1-hour session = $200
    45-minutes session = $150
    30-minutes session = $100
  • Six-For-Five: Pay for 5 sessions, get the 6th session free
    1-hour sessions = $1,000
    45-minute sessions = $750
    30-minute sessions = $500